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From the Executive Director
Welcome to the Santa Clara County School Boards Association Website!

On behalf of our President Jessica Speiser (Los Altos School District) and the Officers, welcome to the website of the Santa Clara County School Boards Association (SCCSBA).

Founded in 1975, Santa Clara County School Boards Association offers board development services, communication, and other activities to promote public education for the thirty-one elementary, high school, and unified school district Boards of Trustees in Santa Clara County and the Santa Clara County Board of Education. In concert with the California School Boards Association (CSBA), SCCSBA seeks to build an effective foundation for the education of all children in our diverse communities, by providing education advocacy, professional governance, and policy development.

During the school year, we provide a regular monthly newsletter to board members and Superintendents throughout the county, as well as updates to our website that include Agendas and Minutes from our meetings and to our Facebook page: SCCSBA. Please consider joining our Facebook page!

One of the most active County Associations affiliated with CSBA, SCCSBA sponsors a number of well-attended events during the school year. We begin with our Annual Fall General Membership Dinner Meeting in October. We also have a free Reception during CSBA’s Annual Education Conference in December.

We continue our dynamic year in the spring with our Legislative Brunch with our locally elected State Legislators. At our Annual Hoffmann Awards General Membership Dinner Meeting, we recognize outstanding programs in our county with the Glenn Hoffmann Awards. Please refer to the Annual Calendar on this website for more details.

In the past, we have co-sponsored a local series of board development workshops, the CSBA Masters in Governance program, with the Santa Clara County Office of Education. This program is now offered on a statewide level. See the CSBA website: for more information about the Masters in Governance program.

Looking forward to elections in November every two (even) years, we hold Board candidate workshops in early June of those years to continue stimulating interest in school board service. We also host a New Board Member Workshop in January, for those who have been recently elected to school boards.

If you have any questions about the Association or its programs and services, please contact Bonnie Mace (Executive Director) by email at or by cell phone at (408) 406-4974, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you for your membership in our Association.

Bonnie Mace, Executive Director
Santa Clara County School Boards Association
1290 Ridder Park Drive, MC 202 | San Jose, CA  95131-2304
(408) 453-6515 Office | (408) 406-4974 Cell |
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1290 Ridder Park Drive, MC 202 • San Jose, CA 95131-2304
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